Hiring – 枫华之声暑期工作机会 MCT Summer Job

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枫华之声暑期工作机会来啦!MCT Summer Jobs for You



Applicants must be between 15 and 30 years of age and a Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident, and legally entitled to work according the Manitoba Legislation and relations. (International students are not eligible.)


Full time (35 hours/week), from later June to the end of Aug.

工资:每小时12元 $12/hour


职位1:新媒体助理 Social Media Program Assistant






Job Descriptions: MCT is seeking a youth to help establish an effective social media system that combines the contents of the magazine and interactions with our readers. This person will work with our IT director to import all data of the MCT publication to the website as well as other social media platforms. Will perform other duties as a team member when needed.



Qualifications:  applicants should have experiences in social media, effective interpersonal communication skills, is a good team player, creative, passionate, also should have good time management skills, and Chinese and English language skills.

职位2:平面设计助理 Assistant Graphic Designer





Job Descriptions: The youth will be working with Graphic designer and the chief editor to create visual concept by using design software (such as Adobe Creative suite) to communicate design with advertisers and MCT event coordinators. The youth will eventually learn to develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazine, and event posters, as well as other marketing materials. Also work with other team members and perform other duties as needed.


Qualifications: applicants should have skills and experiences in graphic design, and be creative and have good sense of arts design. He/she should also have strong communication skills and be a good team player. This person should also have Chinese and English language skills, and abilities to meet deadline.

请将简历(Resume), Cover Letter和推荐人信息邮至:tribunemc@yahoo.ca

Please send your resume, cover letter and 2 reference names asap to: tribunemc@yahoo.ca


Application deadline: June 15 2019