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Association of Chinese Professors in Manitoba (ACPMB)



前所未有的COVID-19新冠病毒疫情已经夺走了成千上万人的生命,并继续威胁着我们曼尼托巴省在内的全加拿大及全球各地区的人民生活。在这一艰难时刻医护人员冒着生命风险去拯救他人。曼尼托巴华裔教授协会成员中的一些医生和专家也毫无例外地正在前线奋战。为此,曼尼托巴华裔教授协会号召所有协会会员及所有曼尼托巴居民给与这些无私奉献的英雄们坚强的支持从而为战胜COVID-19做贡献。我们倡议的具体方式为向温尼伯健康科学中心(HSC)基金会(Health Sciences Centre Foundation)捐款。

曼尼托巴华裔教授协会(ACPMB)由在曼尼托巴省的学术和医疗机构工作的教授,医生和科研人员组成。其宗旨是促进曼尼托巴省的科学进步及增进加拿大和中国之间的友谊。 ACPMB与温尼伯健康科学中心(HSC)基金会合作组织此次筹款活动,希望能够以此帮助各医院在急需领域的资金需求和购买严重短缺的个人防护设备。


教授协会将以一比一的方式匹配每个会员捐款的前$100。此外协会将为捐款 $50或以上的任何个人或组织提供一年的ACPMB会员资格或名誉会员资格(2020年至2021年)。协会会员将享受参与协会所有学术和社交活动的机会。

捐款具体方式为通过银行电子转账(Interac e-Transfer)将捐款汇给蒋德鹏(Depeng Jiang)博士。蒋博士的电子邮件地址为。请使用转账密码“ Covid-19”。$ 20或以上的捐款,HSC基金会将开具捐款收据。希望得到收据的捐款人,请您在邮件区域中输入您的全名,详细邮寄地址(含邮政编码),电子邮件地址,以及电话号码。如果您想使用个人支票或其它方式捐赠,请联系蒋德鹏博士具体协商。




Association of Chinese Professors in Manitoba (ACPMB)

Re. ACPMB FIGHT COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign

April 24, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the ACPMB,

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and continued to threaten the rest across the globe, including in our own province of Manitoba where we call home. During these difficult times, healthcare workers are risking themselves to save others. These include some of our own Association members, who are doctors and specialists, fighting on the frontlines. It is time for all of us proud Manitobans to give these selfless heroes our wholehearted support. That is the purpose of this campaign.

The ACPMB consists of professors, doctors, and scientists working in academic and healthcare institutions in Manitoba. Its mission is to promote scientific advancement in Manitoba and friendship between Canada and China. In collaboration with the Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Foundation in Winnipeg, ACPMB is organizing this fundraiser, to help our hospitals in areas they see needed, such as purchasing personal protection equipment that has been in severe shortage.

We call upon everyone in our society to join us in this campaign. We are accepting donations immediately until May 24, 2020. After this, a timely public announcement will be made to the community with the total amount raised and the names of donors. All funds collected will be directed to the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund of the HSC Foundation.

The ACPMB will match any donation of the current members by one-to-one, up to the first $100. In addition, we will be happy to offer anyone (individuals or organizations) a one-year ACPMB membership or honorary membership (2020-2021), depending on qualifications, who donates $50 or more. In any case, you will have full access to all of our academic and networking events in due course.

Please make your donation through INTERAC e-Transfer to Dr. Depeng Jiang at email address and use password “Covid-19”. The HSC Foundation will issue a tax receipt for any donation of $20 or more. If you would like to receive the receipt, please also enter your full name, postal and email addresses and phone number in the message area. Please contact Dr. Depeng Jiang if you would like to donate using personal checks.

Please join us in the FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19!

Dr. Liqun Wang, President

Board members: Drs. Victor Cui, Qiang Zhang, Kangmin Duan, Depeng Jiang, Francis Lin, Gefei Qing, Yanqiu Yuan