Collision Conference in 2020

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Collision Conference is on

Collision, one of North America’s biggest annual startup conferences, is on based on Toronto. Collision Conference was relocated to Toronto in 2019 from its previous home in New Orleans,  with the growing importance of Toronto in the global tech sector and fans of the tech world.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  Collision Conference is launched as “Collision Conference from Home”, from its physically taking place on site to the fully online, with live streaming its contents on our mobiles and web apps,  including marketing, fintech, politics, media, society, health, lifestyle, developers and data,  business development, and lots more.

Here are quotes:

It is boasted as some of the world’s largest gatherings of world class engineers, data scientists, designers, producers, entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, salespeople, multi-nationals and thought leaders, and more.

Collision Conference has grown rapidly in current years, from 1500 attendees in 2014 to today’s 32000 attendees from 140 countries, including 634 speakers, 1143 journalists, 850 investors, 1108 startups, and 117 partners.

Some speakers

Some attendees

Collision Conference is running on June 23 – 25.   Today is its first day. According to the counting, there are 127 topics of live streaming on its different channels.

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