Eyes on Web Summit at Lisbon

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From December 2 to December 4, 2020 Web Summit, which is described as “The best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes and launched at Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, collected 104,328 attendees from 168 countries on the online conference platform. It was a big event!

Its plenty of diverse topics of live streaming ran through on its 3—day different channels.

Topics of 1,137 speakers included fintech, big data and development, Covin—19 pandemic, health, lifestyle, society, marketing, business development, politics as well as current US election, media and lots more and more. Topics were full of dreams, discussion, criticism, and even pain of current workd’s Covin—19 pandemic.

The difference of its topics drew different interests from different attendees. It’s believed that two eyes might not enough for one person to step into all topics. A reporting pen could touch only a corner of its rich topics.

On December 02 ——

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, gave her vision for Europe with discussion about the global pandemic serving a catalyst for innovation, especially in Europe, in her speech “A Europe for everybody”. She said “Web Summit is a European pride, and it gives me hope that indeed the 2020s can be our digital decade.”

“Technology – why we’re still believers” by Mike Schroepfer, CTO at Facebook talked about why the social media company, and others, must continue to build and apply tech to address societal and economic issues. Mike shared also his vision for future computing platforms, and discussed why advances in AR, VR and AI would make responsible innovation even more important in the coming years.

Huawei serves partnership with 2020 Web Summit. Huawei chairman Liang Hua’s “5G and beyond: The next steps in digital infrastructure” told people that the multinational technological innovation and digital infrastructure would be the main theme in future.

On December 03——

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain discussed how, with the help of sustainable technology and innovation, we could look forward to a brighter future.

In “The fake-news fight in 2020”, Matthew Kaminski (Editor-in-chief at Politico), James Ball (Global Editor at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism), and Adrienne LaFrance(Executive Editor at The Atlantic) told about the fight against fake news when controlling and stopping the spreading Covid-19.

In the conversation “Zooming ahead: The shaping of a new world” between Eric Yuan(Founder & CEO at Zoom) and Alyson Shontell (Editor-in-chief at Business Insider), the future of communications, and the growing significance of and need for video communication and collaboration tools were stressed.

Liao Jieyuan, founder and CEO at Chinese Healthtech Unicorn WeDoctor, shared their observations how Covin—19 recovery could happen and the function of WeDoctor for China’s digital health industry.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu WHO

And more

On December 04——

Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of the European Commission for A Europe, was interviewed by Nicholas Thompson, Editor-in-chief at Wired with the topic “In conversation with Margrethe Vestager” to discuss what’s next for the EU’s digital future.

“Policy and innovation: a Greek odyssey” was spoken by prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotokis of Greece.

PITCH winner speeches

Other speeches

At the end of 2020 Web Summit, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, president of Portugal, gave special talking to Web Summit audiences at Lisbon time 8: 50 pm of December 04.

Lisbon will host next year’s Web Summit. In 2022, Web Summit will take place in September, at Tokyo, Japan. It’s sorry to know that another Asia’s largest tech gathering, called “RISE conference” which happened in Hong Kong for five years, is leaving Hong Kong and moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for March 2022.

Reported by Yuebing Hu